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Get actionable insights on your existing fleet of laptops & PC’s (any brand) for 60 days, so that you can support remote workers more efficiently.

In this trial, you will get:

  • HP Proactive Management Tool for end-to-end visibility of your end-user’s computing devices, with drill-down dashboards on over 30 metrics

  • HP Sure Sense to detect and prevent threats in real-time

    by harnessing the power of deep learning Ai.

  • HP Sure Click to isolate key applications in their own virtual containers—trapping any malware and deleting it as soon as you close the application.

  • A Comprehensive Device Fleet Report at the end of the trial providing actionable insight on over 30 variables regarding your existing hardware fleet, security and usage patterns.

How the HP Proactive Management solution works:


Key benefits of HP Proactive Management include:

  • Identify issues before they happen & troubleshoot ongoing issues.

    Insightful analytics and dashboards identify systems at risk for disk, battery, or full system thermal failure. They also monitor memory usage, application conflicts, windows service patches, driver compatibility issues and more, so that action can be taken before a problem occurs. Further, it helps by identifying the most at-risk users and most at-risk devices by analysing usage patterns and other metrics. This allows you to proactively address these risks, for example, through end-user training.

  • Monitor security compliance.
    Service experts monitor security compliance to help you identify and address devices that are non-compliant with encryption, firewall, and antivirus policies.

  • Help with maintaining app policies.
    Service experts implement your whitelisting and blacklisting policies to control which iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows, and Chrome apps are enabled.

  • Focus on what matters most to your employees.
    Give your employees the computing devices they need in order to be productive, while you stay within budget by avoiding over or under spec devices.

Includes a Comprehensive Report on your Fleet

At the end of the trial, you will receive a report on the devices connected, showing things like: warranty statuses, component failures, drivers out of date, BIOS out of date, as well as security risks like antivirus not installed, encryption not installed, devices not connected to network for 30 days or more, software apps causing blue screen errors, and a list of other data based on the 30+ different reports we can provide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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