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Download the guide: How to write an invitation to tender/RFP for managed print services

Front coverThis guide describes the important questions to ask when writing an invitation to tender or a request for proposal for managed print services in order to ensure that the provider, service and solution you choose are all aligned to your business objectives, meet or exceed your requirements and provide good value.

Specifically designed to aid with the procurement of Managed Print Services by companies in the UK with over 200 staff, the guide gives actionable advice and helps you define the exact requirements of an managed print services contract so you can ask the right questions. 

With this guide, you'll benefit from:

  • A list of questions you can use in your RFP
  • A better understanding of the questions to ask and why
  • A better understanding of what your company needs from MPS
  • Better responses from MPS providers that match your objectives and requirements

For companies smaller than 200 employees, please see this guide: 
How to Choose a Future-Proofed MPS Provider