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Download the guide: How to Calculate the ROI of Print Services

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Printing and document management might be a significant hidden cost within your business and research suggests that a lot of businesses don’t know how much they’re spending on printing. 

Calculating the ROI of your print services is key to ensuring the costs don’t spiral out of control.

Our guide will show the key areas to consider when calculating the ROI of Print Services, including:

  • Devices - If there’s always a printer nearby, it’s unlikely users will think before they print.
  • Consumables - Over the lifetime of a device, the consumables will normally dwarf the original capital outlay.
  • Support and maintenance - To determine the true cost of ownership, you’ll need to include support and maintenance fees within your ROI calculations.
  • Usage - There are two methods you can use to calculate the ROI of your printing devices based on usage
  • Productivity - Document management solutions overcome the common problems associated with printing and productivity
  • CSR - Benefits to CSR as a result of reduced paper and power usage may seem intangible, but they form an essential part of your ROI.