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Download the guide: How Covid-19 is Transforming The Way We Work

A Business Leader’s Guide to a Productive Remote Workplace Front Cover

A Business Leader’s Guide to a Productive Remote Workplace

The Covid-19 pandemic is bringing to light a huge number of business continuity issues - but also presents opportunities to transform and strengthen the way we work.

This guide will help business leaders to balance the need to re-think some business processes with the need to reduce costs and make the end-user more productive:

  • 7 points to bear in mind for any IT investments during the pandemic.
  • A cheap & easy way to get the hardware you need for remote working.
  • How to take advantage of the lock-down to shift your company to digital workflows (includes checklist).
  • How to increase productivity with a Content Management Platform (includes checklist).
  • How to set up a Digital Mailroom during Coronavirus (includes checklist).
  • How to scan directly into line-of-business systems during the lock-down. 
  • The role of 'Intelligent Automation' and other innovations in the path ahead.

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